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You only really need to know 4 things about the weather. Fourcast puts them up front.

Everyone has different tolerances. Tell Fourcast yours, and it'll use them.

Weather for where you're at, where you're going, or where you want to be.

Glance and go. Get the essentials right from your Start screen.


v1.3 - 12 July 2016 "Back to the Future."

Removed support for older OSes, fixed a crash bug, and dropped usage tracking.

  • Dropped support for Windows Phone 8 and below.
    • This version only supports Windows Phone 8.1 and above.
      • Older versions of Windows Phone will still be able to download and use v1.2, but will not receive updates moving forward.
  • Fixed an issue with special characters in tile names.
    • This was causing the app to crash when creating the tile.
  • Removed Google Analytics tracking.

v1.2 - 07 June 2014 "...or not."

Another UI redesign, and long-overdue improvements to tiles.

  • The forecast display has been redesigned.
    • The weather station name and map link is now above the forecast pivot.
    • Each forecast element is now laid out horizontally, and their headers have been removed.
    • Icons have been added for each state: hot/warm/cold/cool, clear/obscured/rain/snow, windy/still, and humid/arid.
  • Live tiles have been redesigned.
    • Tiles will appear the same on Windows Phone 7.5 and below, but with the new condition icons used instead.
    • Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 users will now see all four pieces of forecast information on the tile: temperature, condition, humidity, and wind speed.
  • The "tonight" pivot has been renamed to "today".
    • This more accurately reflects the nature of the forecast information displayed there; the actual data displayed has not been changed.
  • The splash screen has been removed.
    • The app should take less time to launch now.
  • Rewrote the city/location search function.
    • As a side-effect, searching while a search is already in progress no longer crashes the app.

v1.1.1 - 11 May 2014 "Final call..."

Bug fixes and more useful error messages.

  • Fixed an issue preventing Location Services from being toggled on or off.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the app to crash when the data received was invalid.
  • Fine-tuned several error messages to be more informative.

v1.1 - 14 February 2014 "Rebuild it up."

Architectural improvements, and a new way of getting weather data.

  • Switched from using Weather Underground's XML API to their JSON one.
    • This doesn't affect functionality, though it does bring a very small reduction in data usage.
    • Another side effect: the "Root element is missing" issue should no longer occur.
  • Rewrote the way the app stores, handles, and retrieves settings.
  • Fixed an issue involving Live Tiles for locations with "/" in their names.

v1.0 - 26 November 2013 "Window cleaning."

A cleaner while still familiar main UI.

  • No Forecast Loaded: No Forecast Loaded - No Forecast Loaded. No more.
    • Reduced the number of "No Forecast Loaded" messages that are displayed.
      • It really doesn't need to be displayed thrice.
        • Should've figured that one out earlier.
  • Centred and capitalised the headers above each forecast element.
  • Removed the "(Map)" link next to Station Names. Station maps can now be accessed by tapping the underlined name directly.
    • Stations without a map will not have their names underlined.
  • Removed the headers above the Station Name and Forecast Time labels.
  • Removed the white borders around each forecast element.

v0.9.1 - 04 October 2013 "Tiles online."

Tweaks and fixes for the Live Tiles.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Live Tiles to not update on clean installations of the app.
  • Changed the back of the tiles to display the last time an update was retrieved.

v0.9 - 19 July 2013 "Setting settings."

Settings UI tweaks, architectural improvements, and bug fixes.

  • Added the ability to view estimated forecasts.
    • These are for locations where Weather Underground has no weather station, indicated by "(Estimated)" in the station name.
  • Made the buttons on the Settings page stretch to fit the entire page width.
    • Groundbreaking stuff.
  • Changed the way in which the app handles and saves settings internally.
  • Changed the Pick a Place error messages to be more friendly (though you hopefully won't have to see them.)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the keypad to appear after removing the Home Location.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the app to crash when searching for locations when on a WiFi network with browser-based login.

v0.8.1 - 24 January 2013 "The Right Time for the Right Place."

Minor changes relating to dates and time.

  • Changed the way in which the app parses dates, which should make it handle different locales more easily. (Read: without crashing.)
  • The app now displays time according to your device's 24-hour time preference.

v0.8 - 17 January 2013 "Fixing things."

Fixes for a crash bug, and improved crash reporting mechanisms.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the app to crash on startup. Details here.
  • Improved the way the application handles and reports crashes.

v0.7 - 15 December 2012 "From the Ashes."

Higher resolution tiles, backend architectural improvements, bug fixes, and optimisations.

  • Improved the resolution of Live Tiles on WP7.8 and WP8 devices.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashes when parsing weather in certain locales.
  • Removed unnecessary reference to the Coding4Fun Audio toolkit. The app should no longer advertise a Microphone requirement that it doesn't need or use. (Oops.)
  • Improved the way in which Conditions are parsed and labelled.
  • Reorganised and refactored large portions of the backend.

v0.6 - 23 August 2012 "Do the Dew (Point)."

What's the Dew Point? Where exactly is the Weather Station located? Wonder no more.

  • Added Dew Point approximation to all forecasts.
  • Added a link to view a map of the Weather Station's location, if available.
  • Changed the Pick a Place icon to be more intuitive.
  • Added contact and feedback links to About page.
  • Various minor UI tweaks.

v0.5 - 28 July 2012 "Hello. More tiles here."

Get your current location as a tile, jump straight into Pick a Place, and know when your forecast has loaded without having to stare at the screen.

  • Paid users: Added the ability to pin a Geolocation Tile to Start.
    • This tile updates with the weather from the station closest to your location.
  • Added the ability to pin Pick a Place to Start.
  • Added haptic feedback upon loading a forecast. This can be disabled in Settings.
  • Added the ability to send crash reports via email.

v0.4 - 14 July 2012 "The comma is evil."

Tile tweaking, UI improvements, and several bug fixes relating to commas.

  • Paid users: Added the ability to control the frequency of Live Tile updates.
  • Paid users: Updated the text on Live Tile Settings to reflect restrictions on the amount of Tiles that will be updated.
  • Added anonymous usage data collection. The Privacy Policy has been updated to take this into account.
  • Improved the way the UI handles the scenario where weather hasn't been loaded or is loading.
  • Added missing ScrollViewers to forecasts other than "now".
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent geolocation on a device using a formatting locale where "," is the decimal delimiter.
  • Fixed an issue where the app would crash when parsing weather on a device using a formatting locale where "," is the decimal delimiter.

v0.3 - 06 July 2012 "Tiles, of the Live variety."

Shiny, new tiles have landed.

  • Pin locations to the Start screen to jump to them quickly.
  • Live Tile support (for Paid users) - get weather updates on tiles without opening the app.
  • Updated the Weather Underground logo on the About page to comply with their logo guidelines.
  • Updated Fourcast's logo on the main tile and phone Application List.
  • Miscellaneous backend tweaks.

v0.2 - 21 June 2012

First release of Fourcast on the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Fourcast is currently unavailable.
It used to be on the Windows Phone Store.