25 April 2014

The Art of Software Engineering

(Someone else's) Drawings from CS2103, Semester 2, AY2013/2014.

Well, that is one misleading title. Maybe the subtitle will make up for it?

There was a CS2103 (NUS’ Software Engineering module) student this semester who drew some pretty nice, topical pictures on the glass panels that lined the walls of the tutorial venue.

A drawing on a whiteboard
A drawing on a whiteboard

I can’t remember if they drew anything for the first two milestones: V0.1 and V0.2. I didn’t take any pictures then, sadly.

The last drawing beat the rest in terms of how it came about. During their group’s final presentation (to the lecturer and the course TA, who related the story to me later), they took a couple of minutes off to just draw.

Yes, during the demo session itself.

A drawing on a whiteboard

Very cool.

One of my own group’s students got in on the fun too, with less-topical but equally cute results. They weren’t as bold, though, and drew this during a regular tutorial session.

A drawing of Totoro on a whiteboard