Here're some of the projects I've worked on. I've also got some other stuff over at GitHub.

Is it on Spotify? HTML/CSS/JS

A quick way of checking if a track is available on Spotify, and in which regions it can be found.

It makes use of the Spotify Web API, and the knockout.js library.

PowerPointLabs C#, HTML/CSS

PowerPointLabs is a plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint that adds features to make creating impressive presentations simpler.

I developed the Auto Narrate and Auto Captions components, which allow presenters to easily mock out their speech or create packaged presentations that narrate themselves through the use of synthesized voice.

I also created the project's website, and was responsible for maintaining its documentation. Like this site, it uses Jekyll.

Fourcast Windows Phone (C#, XAML)

Fourcast distills weather forecasts down into their four most important components: the temperature, conditions, wind speed, and relative humidity.

Fourcast is available on the Windows Phone Store, and uses forecast data from Weather Underground.

Marginator AutoHotKey

Marginator adds two key combinations to make resizing and manually dragging windows to the centre of the screen a thing of the past.

Win+Shift+Up resizes the active window to 75% of the screen's width and centres it. Win+Shift+C centres it without resizing.

Coursemology HTML/CSS/JS, Ruby on Rails

Coursemology is an online gamification platform for education - students complete "missions" instead of assignments, and get experience points for doing so.

I worked on the initial implementation of Coursemology's Lesson Plan, which allows instructors to lay out their course objectives for students to refer to, and its Workbin, which lets them upload materials for students to use.


ISAAC is a browser-based star system simulator - like Universe Sandbox, but much simpler.

ISAAC's code is released under the MIT License. It uses the three.js library for graphics.