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ISAAC: the Solar System, in your browser.

Well, kind of.

What is ISAAC?

ISAAC is a star system simulator, with a force-based physics engine at its heart.

A what?

ISAAC's core layer approximates the way objects move, based on the forces acting upon them.

It's based entirely around two formulae.

  1. F = ma (Force is Mass multiplied by Acceleration)
  2. v = u + at (Current Velocity is Previous Velocity plus Acceleration multiplied by Time)

We calculate an object's acceleration based on its mass and the force acting upon it,
calculate its velocity based on its acceleration,
then calculate a new position for the object based on its velocity.

Okay. What's this about the Solar System, then?

ISAAC can simulate star systems given a simple set of specifications. So we built a model of the Solar System with it.

Change the Gravitational Constant. Fiddle with the mass of things. See how things react.

Play with the Planets.

I want to know more.