28 July 2012

Fourcast v0.5 Changelog

Hello. More tiles here.

Get your current location as a tile, jump straight into Pick a Place, and know when your forecast has loaded without having to stare at the screen.

14 July 2012

Fourcast v0.4 Changelog

The comma is evil.

Tile tweaking, UI improvements, and several bug fixes relating to commas.

06 July 2012

Fourcast v0.3 Changelog

Tiles, of the Live variety.

Shiny, new tiles have landed.

21 June 2012

Fourcast v0.2 Changelog

First release of Fourcast on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

24 May 2012

Designing 4-bit Webther: A Retrospective

This is basically my attempt at rationalising why 4-bit Webther looks and works the way it does - I have no experience with web or UI design, so this is pretty much just for fun (and highly subjective – "this looks terrible; kill it with fire" is an entirely valid response.)

15 May 2012

4-bit Webther

4-bit Weather was something I started last semester break for fun - it was a simple .NET application that took in a Yahoo! WOEID and spat out four indicators of the weather conditions at that location: hot/cold, rainy/sunny, windy/still, and humid/arid.

12 May 2012

Going Live. Ish.

The latest, mostly-working version of ISAAC from the development branch on Github can now be found here. This should let you play with the stuff we're working on right now.