17 January 2013

Fourcast v0.8 Changelog

Fixing things.

Fixes for a crash bug, and improved crash reporting mechanisms.

29 December 2012

That Fourcast Crash Bug

If you’ve upgraded from Fourcast v0.6 to v0.7 and

15 December 2012

Fourcast v0.7 Changelog

From the Ashes.

Higher resolution tiles, backend architectural improvements, bug fixes, and optimisations.

31 October 2012

How To: Remove/Reset a Mercurial Keyring-saved Password on Windows

Because I couldn't find this ANYWHERE, and only figured it out after stumbling across a post on how mercurial_keyring is bugged on Windows (and only stores one password).

23 August 2012

Fourcast v0.6 Changelog

Do the Dew (Point).

What's the Dew Point? Where exactly is the Weather Station located? Wonder no more.

16 August 2012

Summer 2012


28 July 2012

Fourcast v0.5 Changelog

Hello. More tiles here.

Get your current location as a tile, jump straight into Pick a Place, and know when your forecast has loaded without having to stare at the screen.