15 December 2013

The Hidden Bing Bird

More than meets the eye.

26 November 2013

Fourcast v1.0 Changelog

Window cleaning.

A cleaner while still familiar main UI.

04 October 2013

Fourcast v0.9.1 Changelog

Tiles online.

Tweaks and fixes for the Live Tiles.

19 July 2013

Fourcast v0.9 Changelog

Setting settings.

Settings UI tweaks, architectural improvements, and bug fixes.

24 January 2013

Fourcast v0.8.1 Changelog

The Right Time for the Right Place.

Minor changes relating to dates and time.

17 January 2013

Fourcast v0.8 Changelog

Fixing things.

Fixes for a crash bug, and improved crash reporting mechanisms.

29 December 2012

That Fourcast Crash Bug

If you’ve upgraded from Fourcast v0.6 to v0.7 and