24 May 2014

A Look at Fourcast

The past, and a bit of the future.

It's been almost two years since Fourcast launched. I thought it'd be fun to look at how much it's changed since then, and talk about how it'll change soon.

11 May 2014

Fourcast v1.1.1 Changelog

Final call...

Bug fixes and more useful error messages.

08 May 2014

Windows Phone 8.1

Thoughts about an OS.

Windows Phone 8.1's been out in near-final state through the Preview for Developers program for about three weeks now. Though there're a lot of new features and changes, I'm not going to go over all of them in detail; by now there are loads of other articles and posts available which would do a much better job. These are just my thoughts on things I came across.

27 April 2014

Setting the Pace

Custom speeds for IVLE's Silverlight-based webcasts.

For one reason or another (read: I have no idea why, but...), the few webcasts I've watched recently seem to work better when viewed faster than real-time. I’d download the MP4 version, open it up in VLC, and use the playback speed controls to speed things up anywhere from 1.1 to, on one occasion, 1.3 times the normal rate.

25 April 2014

The Art of Software Engineering

(Someone else's) Drawings from CS2103, Semester 2, AY2013/2014.

Well, that is one misleading title. Maybe the subtitle will make up for it?

15 April 2014

Is it on Spotify?

A simple answer for a simple question.

While at a café with some friends, I heard bits and pieces of a song over the stereo - this song. It sounded pretty nice, so after finding out what it was (in a roundabout manner[1]) I starred it on Spotify.

09 March 2014

Yet Another "How To Install Jekyll on Windows" Post.

It seems there's no shortage of these. (I guess this doesn't help in that respect either.)