Another UI redesign, and long-overdue improvements to tiles.

  • The forecast display has been redesigned.
    • The weather station name and map link is now above the forecast pivot.
    • Each forecast element is now laid out horizontally, and their headers have been removed.
    • Icons have been added for each state: hot/warm/cold/cool, clear/obscured/rain/snow, windy/still, and humid/arid.
  • Live tiles have been redesigned.
    • Tiles will appear the same on Windows Phone 7.5 and below, but with the new condition icons used instead.
    • Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 users will now see all four pieces of forecast information on the tile: temperature, condition, humidity, and wind speed.
  • The "tonight" pivot has been renamed to "today".
    • This more accurately reflects the nature of the forecast information displayed there; the actual data displayed has not been changed.
  • The splash screen has been removed.
    • The app should take less time to launch now.
  • Rewrote the city/location search function.
    • As a side-effect, searching while a search is already in progress no longer crashes the app.

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