15 April 2017

Doing the Splits

Overthinking about tmux's split hotkeys.

While trying to fall asleep, I ended up thinking about the key combinations used to create splits in tmux.

12 July 2016

Fourcast v1.3 Changelog

Back to the Future.

Removed support for older OSes, fixed a crash bug, and dropped usage tracking.

18 November 2015

Packaging Problem

NuGet, .csproj, and build configurations.

Relatively recently, I started using the actual command-line tool for NuGet; previously, I'd been using the Package Explorer GUI to create packages for ForecastPCL. The benefit of the command-line tool is that it automagically creates packages the "proper" way - I don't understand how things are supposed to be structured internally, with the subfolders whose names specify the platforms you're targeting, but I don't need to worry about that.

19 April 2015

The Invariant Culture is Your Friend

Commas and decimals often mix.

Not every place in the world uses the full stop (or period) as a decimal mark. Quite a few use the comma instead.

01 February 2015

Installing Nokogiri on Windows, with Ruby 2.1.5

TL;DR: update RubyGems.

This is a quasi-follow-up to my previous post, where we looked at installing the new Jekyll 3 beta on Windows. I had to install the Nokogiri gem to get this site working again once that was done, and came across an issue.

01 February 2015

Installing Jekyll 3 Beta on Windows

A little more effort for the bleeding edge.

In a previous post I wrote about installing Jekyll 1.4.2 on Windows - at the time, the guide linked from the Jekyll site itself was way out of date. Happily, they've since updated to link to a much better guide.

26 December 2014

Media Keys, Colemak, and the ErgoDox

Flashing the TMK firmware onto the ErgoDox.

I got an ErgoDox off of Massdrop a few months ago, switching up from the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. It's an ergonomic, truly split keyboard (the two halves are joined by a cable so you can position them almost anywhere you want), with a feature that stood out to me: it's reprogrammable, being driven by a Teensy microcontroller.