Fourcast v1.3 Changelog

Back to the Future.

Removed support for older OSes, fixed a crash bug, and dropped usage tracking.

Published 12 July 2016. A 1 minute read.

Packaging Problem

NuGet, .csproj, and build configurations.

Relatively recently, I started using the actual command-line tool for NuGet; previously, I'd been using the Package Explorer GUI to create packages for ForecastPCL. The benefit of the command-line tool is that it automagically creates packages the "proper" way - I don't understand how things are supposed to be structured internally, with the subfolders whose names specify the platforms you're targeting, but I don't need to worry about that.

Published 18 November 2015. A 2 minute read.

The Invariant Culture is Your Friend

Commas and decimals often mix.

Not every place in the world uses the full stop (or period) as a decimal mark. Quite a few use the comma instead.

Published 19 April 2015. A 2 minute read.

Installing Nokogiri on Windows, with Ruby 2.1.5

TL;DR: update RubyGems.

This is a quasi-follow-up to my previous post, where we looked at installing the new Jekyll 3 beta on Windows. I had to install the Nokogiri gem to get this site working again once that was done, and came across an issue.

Published 01 February 2015. A 1 minute read.

Installing Jekyll 3 Beta on Windows

A little more effort for the bleeding edge.

In a previous post I wrote about installing Jekyll 1.4.2 on Windows - at the time, the guide linked from the Jekyll site itself was way out of date. Happily, they've since updated to link to a much better guide.

Published 01 February 2015. A 3 minute read.

Media Keys, Colemak, and the ErgoDox

Flashing the TMK firmware onto the ErgoDox.

I got an ErgoDox off of Massdrop a few months ago, switching up from the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. It's an ergonomic, truly split keyboard (the two halves are joined by a cable so you can position them almost anywhere you want), with a feature that stood out to me: it's reprogrammable, being driven by a Teensy microcontroller.

Published 26 December 2014. A 3 minute read.

Building Less (CSS) in Sublime Text 3

A quick hack.

Less is great. Having to manually compile it isn't.

Published 23 December 2014. A 1 minute read.